Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

It defines "amazing."

First, let me say that the 3D-graphics in this game is WAY (and I mean WAY) above ANYTHING I have seen on Newgrounds....ANYTHING.

The style is mysterious, dream-like (or at least it seems like to me) and the strange feel for complete freedom just too mysterious yet amazing for words.

The sound is great, or at least from my view. The smooth nature sounds just take me, and the water is sounds great also, there's even a sound for when you fall into the water!

The violence is...well...violent! The death of the way the bosses die is violent, also.

Interactivity. I can't explain it. It just...woah. The way the things burn when you blow fire on them, the trees, everything that appears in htis is just awe-inspiring.

There isn't much humor in this thing, but the names of those bosses somehow seemed funny.

Overall, I just...LOVE THIS GAME.

popopt responds:

I added the water splash at the LAST minute...and i wasnt sure if i was going to do it. Glad to see it made a difference, it encourages me to work for those extra touches in the future.

Best game on teh whole site!

It was long, interesting, fun to play, not to haard, not too easy, the graphics could be better, but that would bring us a 100 mb dload. Well done m8!

Pretty cool, but could use some improvements

Personally I find that the fact that you were able to make this game at all impressive, let alone make it only 2mb. With that said I've got some thoughts on the game.

Pros- (Overall it's amazing, but I'm just listing specifics) I like these kinds of games so It appealed to me (very reminiscent of the shadow of the colossus story). The environments were really beautiful and varied. Overall I just like the way it's a constant flow from area to area so it feels like you're actually traveling the land.
BTW, I especially liked the god of sacrifice, it seemed to add more depth to the story.

Cons- 1)Graphics are somewhat grainy
2)when you use the boost rings the camera can get way too close and make it hard to see where you're going.
3)There's not much of a story, maybe give a background to the main character and the world you're in
4)The boss fights were pretty boring (need more variety)
5)When you move from environment to environment it sometimes randomly jumps instead of a smooth transition (it's not a big deal, but it's still something to consider)

Very good, but...

I under stand that due to the incredible graphics, the game could not be made very long. However, maybe you could have made it a bit more challenging? It's the best "Dragon flyer" Ive ever seen. Idk.

Awesome Game!!!
However,there's a glitch in the battle against Drig.Sometimes she freezes after i defeat her and doesn't let the game continue.I hope you can fix it