Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

Is it even possible to die?

that was the boringest game ive ever gotten halfway through playing. after pinning the tail on the over sized donkey i couldnt bare anymore. you drop the smaller dinos ontop of the larger one? wtf they looked like they were hjmping eachother, which would have been allot cooler if u were doing it on purpose but how would that hurt the thing


Persnolly i didn't like this....i like 3D and all but i JUST DON'T LIKE IT!It was just boring i mean the bosses names along were tacky,like "Drig God Of War" teddy bears have scarier names than THAT.

Hardly would call it a 'game'

While the graphics are good and control easy, there really isn't anything here worth calling 'gameplay' here. Can't figure out how your dragon takes damage whole the one boss I played didn't even attack.