Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

Two words: Dragons Rule!

I loved this game from start to finish, even if it was a little choppy, long and easy. The environments were spectacular, and the music was excellent. If only more games allowed you to play as a dragon...

Keep up the good work.

reminds me op a game called panzer dragoon

Nice, game! Could look better. But it reminds me of a game called panzer dragoon!

A bug?

Great game but apparently a bit glitchy
i got up to Drigg and killed her
but she wuldnt stop running
even after the text disappeared, she ran on!
the health bar remained at 0
and so i was stuck in an eternal chase
Undead Drigg!


Incredibly brilliant original thinking envolved with this one. Great job, It loaded amazingly fast and there was barely any lag, I got the most lag during the fight with Crumbal or whatever the spiders name was...anyway...good work..make more.


Wow, that was long. Took me about an hour to finish it, but hey it was worth it. Great game. Some of the names were a little bit cliche (e.g. End of the Ancients, Something-something of Fear/Revenge, etc) but it fit the theme of the game I guess.

God I hated that boss of sacrifice...took me friggen' forever.

Ah well, nice game, good job.