Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

This must have taken alot of effort and time.

This is an exceptionally good game. The sounds and music keyed into the game perfectly and the whole style of it was great. Its a long game but making it so easy to was good so people who dont know the secret would have to start all over again. I loved this game sand am not asking for a sequel this is enough.

Yet another classic that deserves the No.1 spot

The point of this game is fantastic. Every part of it was just downright magnificent.

The graphics were superb. Although some of you might call it "Fake" 3D, but it sill adds up to the surrealism. It looks so gorgeous. I like it very much.

The Music in this game fits VERY well with the theme. Just like SHadow of Colossus, the music in this game makes the feel of peace, sorrow and suspense.

Though I must also point out... is Drigg a girl or Boy? First you called it Her, then when it dies, you changed it to a Him. What's up with that? And you spelled Children as "Chidren". Well, these are just minor mistakes that should be overlooked. Because the game itself is fantastic. Just like how enjoyable Zero Wing was. You could complain about the lack of grammar, but you cannot complain the gameplay.

In your case, the names and the text poetry was one of the more olde type english that sounds and fits perfectly with the heroism of this game. Nice job with the language.

Also, to Frakestein, if you do not have anything better to say, I suggest you get out of here and leave this alone. I reported your post as abusive. What is the reason to your claim? Why do you think it sucks in the first place? Clearly there is an explanation.

ANd to Juzzman, you just called it pointless. Then again, ALL flashes are pointless. What is your proof to your claim then? WHat is the real reason to call it pointless when obviously this is one hard flash to make? I have never seen anything as creative as this.

Somehow, I just really hate it when people or noobs BASH for no apparent reason or proof. It's just not fair. THe administrators ought to ban these people and remove their unclean votes.

It is no easy task to make this flash, and trust me, I have seen worse, and this does not fall into that category. Yet *some* people tend to fool around. YOu don't like it? Then state your damn reason.

Phew! Now that I got my anger off my back...

The gameplay is just like Panzer Dragoon, and the storyline is like Shadow of Colossus.

To shoot fire, hold the Left mouse button. The fire gauge is the orange circle on the bottom corner of the screen. Eat orange flies to refill.

The Green ones? Well... I think it is your HP...

Throughout the game, the objects that you can pick up basically look the same. They are somewhat strawberries. And they are BOMBS.

The first boss:

Fly left and right to lure the boss into crashing through the pillars. Once you reach the end, Burn his WIngs. He will reverse. Somehow, I do not know how to control his flight by this time...it looks pretty random to me. But he will knock into pillars again. Keep burning and he will eventually die. If you run out of fire, eat the red flies that are hovering at the top of the screen.

The Second boss:

This guy has a really hard shell. You cannot burn it, so grab the strawberries and fly near enough, and drop it on its shell. The glitch is that you must make sure he turns SIDEWAYS and you can really damage him. Some form of Glitch I guess...

Third: Drigg

This Dinosoar's butt needs a kicking... or arse bite. Grab her children who are effortlessly running on the ground(Somehow, she has MANY children, and she constantly gives birth even when she is running. yikes.) Get CLOSE enough and drop them on its back.

HINT: The boss's HP will show, indicating that you are at a close enough range. IF it does not show, then you are too far away.

((Continued in the second review))


You see this is what Newground's needs from other flash artists, people like you who make a game that keeps people interested in finding out what's going to happen next. No doubt there are artists on Newground's that are above average, but you rarely come by a good game like this unless it's by Tom Fulp or Dan Paladin, which isn't a bad thing at all (I own Alien hominid for GC and it is godly). So I leave you with a humble great job, and keep up the work!

-CrAzY ChRiS


wow the game was superb, really it reminded me to starfox so much great game indeed looking forward for your next.

u beat the underwater boss by luring him out the water and then just fire at him while he's in the air, the closest u are when u throw the bomb the longer the boss remains outside the water


this game was amazing with the scenes of flight, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to beat the underwater boss! I would drop a bomb to make him pop out of the water but then what?!?!? If anyone has an answer please post! I couldn't burn him and dropping more bombs didn't do anything. explain the game more next time, otherwise, great game!