Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

wheres the level select button?

ive been searching the level select button because i cant kill that fish/lobster/whatever in the water. i want to skip that part ,its hard. very awsome game though :-D

popopt responds:

Thanks! It's in the top left, in the black area. goto the top left corner and move the mouse it. its a bit hard to find but once you do you can try any of the levels you like:)

Something original, but lacking

The main problem of this game is its graphics, which just seem to consist of a bunch of moving cut-out "cardboard" pieces which are highly pixelated, but it's still excusable, this is a flashgame, not something for the PS3, the aiming with the fire is akward, it didn't seem to actually follow the crosshairs, it just went down, so I was confused as to which to trust. Also, the bouncing the flying creates is annoying, it doesn't add too much challenges with beating the bosses, it just somewhat hinders my controls, and depth perception (seriously, half the time I didn't know what I was going to hit). This doesn't mean the game deserves to be avoided, it's overall easy to get used to. The story to this game is pretty good, and it has a great plot I can follow, with characters I actually kind of like, and I've never really seen a story like this, though I wish there was more depth as to who I am, and where I'm from, among other things, but the one thing that made me love this game was it's soundtrack, I loved every song that played throughout the game. (P.S, what's the song that plays whenever one of the enemies die?)

popopt responds:

Thanks! The music is great, isnt it? I cant remember the name of that track, but all music is by the insanely talented EDGEN http://www.edgen.com/music/

and you can learn a bit more about the world where Nimian Flyer comes from here: http://nimiansaga.com/

thanks for taking the time to leave your comments:)

awsome game!

this is a graet game but u need to fix some stuff like the water boss becomes impossible to hit after the firs two hits(of fire)

popopt responds:

that's a bug i never fixed:( it doesnt happen all the time but when it does it's a game breaker. hopefully in the new version I'll be able to test the game more , in the meantime in the top left corner there is a hidden button that opens up a level select so you can play any level you like:)

Great game.

I remembered this game from a while back and thought it'd be fun to beat it again. What got me thinking of this was Nimian Hunter, which I played a few minutes back. Both are great games, they're simple yet incredibly fun.

Great Game :D

For all you people who are saying they can't beat the underwater one theres a cheat
Scan the upper left corner around there you can find a button it will turn light gray when your mouse cursor is on it click that and a number with a plus sign will appear click plus or minusto go to which ever level you want.
I hope this helps :]