Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

whoa man

Awesome game man. Not really any games like this around NG so its cool. Only problems is that bosses really werent that agressive enough, have the bosses attack more next time. Other than that great, and hope that a sequal is made

that was awesome

good job i really hope you make a sequel or something like that


the sea boss was hard

two wordz....

awsom... as... HELL!!!!! this is one of the best games i've EVUR played!!! UR A GENUIS!!!
having said that, i do hav some thouts...
the game seemed... unnecessarily long, and for that i would have given it an 8/10.
but, the gameplay was great, the graphics spectacular, and a beautiful story to boot!
with those extra details, i give it.... 27/10 (even though the stars here on ng only go up to 10, itz really 27!)
my favorite bosses were the whale, the cliff spider, & the fuzzy whale!
great game! make more! peace!


i killed big red dragon at ending fun!