Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

I love this game, is soo nostalgic to me, i remenber playing years ago and now i fanially found it. It reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus.


I know you have never fixed the bug involving Demorca (the boss that is underwater). However, I think it should still be fixed so that players can beat the game without much frustration. The bug is that whenever I fight Demorca, I bomb him out of the water by dropping a bomb at him. Each time I do it the first time, he comes out of the water as expected and I can burn him while he's above the water. However, starting from the second time (or a later time) I drop a bomb at him, I can't even see where he is. After a short time, he just suddenly reappears in the water, with one part of his body after another coming back to him. Sometimes after the bug happens, I can still hurt him but breathing fire because I can see his health going down, except that his health goes down more slowly, since I can't see where he is and I can't burn him as much when I can't see him. However, sometimes after the bug happens, I have burned the entire play field and his health just remains the same. Since I can't see where he is, I must burn the whole play field so that he may get burned.

This is why I can't burn Demorca when I don't see anymore flame on him when I breathe fire, even though I can still burn him if he isn't too far away (unless I know I can finish him off before he goes back into the water). This is because I think if I burn him but cannot see any of my flame on him, then the bug happens. This is why I need to hold my fire breathe if I'm not sure whether Demorca dies before he goes back into the water, and because of this, it requires me to bomb him out of the water three times to defeat him (if the bug doesn't happen) even though I get as close to him as possible before dropping my bomb at him. I think the bug also happens when I burn Demorca's bottom part, so I must avoid burning his bottom part to avoid the bug. Another question is that should I not burn off his tail to stop the bug from happening. Also, sometimes, I think the bug happens even though I have not done anything mentioned here that I think triggers the bug.

I know the bug doesn't happen all the time, but when it happens, it is pretty much impossible to defeat Demorca. Even though not a lot of people have talked about the Demorca bug here, but I can see that they are frustrating with the bug (I am too). I know it is possible to skip past Demorca when the bug happens, but people may get frustrated for not defeating him even though they are able to. When the bug happens, we can only restart the game and select continue so we can start at where Demorca is. When I bomb him out of the water for the first time after restarting the game, he comes out of the water as expected. However, nobody knows if the bug happens again when the second or a later bomb is dropped at him. If we really want to defeat him without the bug happening, we can only hope that the bug doesn't happen. However, this is the same as waiting for luck (or using luck), and since this game is an action game, luck should not be involved and no one should be using luck to beat the game. Once again, this bug should be fixed so please do your best to fix it.

I have also sent the author (Popopt) a private message discussing this bug yesterday because I didn't know how to validate my account until I checked my email today. As a result, please ask the author to post my private message here as well so that everyone can see it.

Kind regards.

Sam Shao

oh god the memories played for hours over and over again :)

Awesome Game!!!
However,there's a glitch in the battle against Drig.Sometimes she freezes after i defeat her and doesn't let the game continue.I hope you can fix it

Played a few years ago, loved it. Playing it again, still awesome. I think I speak for most people when I say we need a sequel.