Reviews for "Edda"

This looks more like a stage BOSS than the main character. This is quite impressive, friend.

Foweb responds:

Thanks! It's important that she looks intimidating, like a Boss character as you said.


I am very much so curious as to what video game will boast this fine rendition. Your efforts are to be lauded, methinks, as the design is interesting, seemingly unique and reminds me of something I could envision in the phantasy star universe.

I hope to see more of this character in the future.


Foweb responds:

Thanks man. I just started to use Unity 2D. So maybe in a little long time it will be a reality.
If you are curious, here's a visual test of some animations I did: http://galeon.com/joelroset/test.gif

It's simple but so beautiful

reminds me of the animated sci fi fantasy movies from the late 70's and 80's