Reviews for "Nameless 4 Vol.3"

I've decieded to become a jew.

*Cue arctic monkeys*

He's a scumbag dont you know?

You deserve a 10 for this one.

The series just keeps getting better & better i loved the fact that there was much more variety of animation in this episode with different backgrounds & characters plus different voice actors as well so there was a lot more depth overall in this episode and it was even funnier than before so all around this improved dramatically,excellent job.


I loved the ppg scene were she farts that was funny!!! nice job


One question Why can't we see Nameless 4 vol 2??

My answer to cripple boy's question~

I'd drink the water and just carry my friend to the nearest city, because if they don't have to walk, they won't get as thirsty.

Oh and nice animation, pretty good for your early stuff!~

Alrighty... off to get some food~ >.>