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Reviews for "eskimo bob 26"

kick ass!!!

that was so damn cool!!!! you guys kick ass!!! this was worth the wait. keep making great stuff like this!!!!

The best....

We saw a lot of favorites here. Almost every character returned, plus we got some eskimo bob z too. I was pissed off when my favorite character, fish in a space ship, got killed. But i'm glad you brought him back. Then when eskimo bob shot out narwhale... that was halarious... This is my favorite eskimo bob. Thanks.

but i sure hope eskimo bob goes back to being the random cartoon that it was.

"Hey Bob, let's go eat an olive." "Nooooo!"

My god, Toma's outdone himself. This is the best Eskimo Bob OF ALL TIME, unless he somehow manages to top it with Episode 39. The voices, sound, and animation are great, and the Transformers parody is great. Just check it out and give the guy credit. 3.61 isn't enough.

oh my god that was good

i love eskimo bob!!!


i love this!

this is MY kind of humor... ive seen every single episode, and this is the best.