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Reviews for "eskimo bob 26"

best ebob ever

nice plot.
good storyline.
the fish of leadership.
in short...
great job!


hey one is the best Eskimo bob episode this was UBER good by the way:"Its not the size that counts, its how you use it ;)


after all my research i found out this is the sequel to eskimo bob z
so this shud be name eskimo bob z 2 heh i love this its the best one and longestand bob talks again!awsome make me proud more by makeing a ekimo bob z 3!
--end of Reveiw--

The Alpha and Omega

This is the climax of the incredible Eskimo Bob Series. It should be in the top10 of All Time.


yeah! that has got to be the greatest episode of EB EVER!!!!!!!

great animation, great music, transformers, what else could you want?