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Reviews for "eskimo bob 26"

very very funny lol

that was sweet one of them turn into a super sayain or something the girl turned into a sailor something or other and well bob just went oah and the fish space ship transformeing was funny. it was just all round funny.(the best thing about it was the when it was making fun off lots of things)

BEST 1 yet!!!!!!!!!!!

that was the best of them all i loved it & it was sooooo funny "hey i can only regrate once u know" so long thogh but sooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good lord!

it's funny to a point...and how long is this thing...had to end it because I was close to falling asleep.


Totally original! And, funny.
One question, why were those aliens speaking in song?

The best Eskimo Bob ever!

All the other Eskimo Bobs are rubbish compared to this fine episode. Congratulations on a great job.