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Reviews for "eskimo bob 26"


One of the best Esquimo Bob yet!

IT WAS GREAT......................................

......until the ending. I hated the part when the walrus Hits the penguin. However, the fight scene was great and it was pretty funny. I would have liked to see Eskimo magnus become a popular character as well. Next time, don't let the walrus be the hero. I was lovin' til then. But good work. Peace!!

Eskimo Bob rules!

Let's see...Eskimo Bob is funny. Transformers are cool. Mocking transformers with Eskimo Bob is funny. Do a spoof of the GiJoe movie next! that would rock! Go Eskimo Bob!


That was goddamn hilarious. Especially the Transformers/DBZ/Sailor Moon spoofs. This series seems to be getting better with age.

This episode is really funny....I loved the fish!

This movie is funnier than any of the other Eskimo Bob episodes I've seen(not to say the other ones are bad, cuz they're still funny). I love the fish in the spaceship and the walrus is funny too. The singing aliens are the best. The movie is nice and long, too.