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Reviews for "eskimo bob 26"


A movie thats lame in a funny way!

SWEET! GREAT! AWSM! LOL! ok you get the idea...

this is THE greatest eskimo bob ever. i especialy liked the ending and the theme music! til all are one! and also, mad props to tomas and alan for making the series!

Eskimo boooob!

Because Charles is on strike, I will call Vincent in here to aid me in reviewing. VINCENT!
Ahem. ESKIMO BOOOOB! Best theme song ever. Best series ever. "Let's go eat an olive! NOOOOOO!" I am officially a fan of Eskimo bob, and I say, MAKE MOOOORE!
Thank you Vincent. And now, let me say this:
ESKIMO BOOOOB! Continue on, and make all the Newgrounders proud! You may be small now Bob, but you will grow... YOU WILL GROW!!! And now I must go finish skinning my victims before bed. I must watch more Bob, and I will!


That was bestest. Awsome work. And to the eskimo bob series, and the newgrounds participants, you....are.....GOD!!!

most awsome episode

I got to say, episode 26 rocks! The robotic theme song was also great! The part were Eskimo Bob gives the fish of leadership to Eskimo Ma...Whoops! Almost said it! Now Samsguin(I ussume its his name)was the most cowerdly villan I ever saw! Hope you arnt offended by that.I cant wait for Samsguin and the Alian Buisnesmen to return! The fish in a space ship was also pretty cool! Great work!( I hope I dont sound like I total retard)