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Reviews for "Primal War"

Smoke on the Horizon

Eyes just as grey, fierce as any beast's. The Admiral's lithic gaze cuts the waves between. None can hide on his cruel sea . Hand raised and sharply dropped, a hundred cannons roar. A thousand voices never have a chance to scream.

^ That's what I visualized while listening to this. It's really brilliant.

Saw one of your songs on the front page and listened to it. I loved it so much I decided to listen to all your music. There's a lot of good stuff here that would do well in any game or movie. I'll drop you a PM if I decide I want to use any of them later. Well, as soon as I stop procrastinating and finish learning flash. :P

Bosa responds:

Well said my friend, and I am always available through pm.

Love it!

very epic ,like a great battle taking place .

Bosa responds:

Perhaps there will be an epic battle in Primal War 20, who knows?

powerful Soundtrack

Im a fan of the series and this song song perfect for that genre. can,t wait to see it

Bosa responds:

I'll say. An awesome series deserves awesome music.

Great song...

Imagine that you're a rich-and-famous most sought after icon with a wealth everyone can only dream of. With pretty babes wanting to have a piece of you, you've got nothing to lose. On the contrary, neither do anyone knows that you are actually that dreaded scientist who experimented on a dinosaur that became indestructible as in turn, you have become its prey, together with the city. Great job dude :)

Bosa responds:

"Nice night for killing and destroying, eh Doctor?" said Mr. Dinosaur.