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Reviews for "Primal War"

This is short yet epic and awesome. Great job!

the mixing audio is perfect!


I'm being sarcastic or anything but why does this remind me of Mortal Kombat anyway good music

Bosa responds:


Naca, you magnificent bitch

So many lives claimed by the fault of the Witch Bitch and her brother... but at last she got what was coming to her...

Armys marching up...

What i picture from this music is

A huge army marching up a hill, slowly coming face to face with their arch rivals. They meet and all hell breaks lose, All soldiers going at it like there is no tomorrow, like they have nothing to lose, like their family has been torn away from them and killed at the hands of their sworn enemies. They kill all that stood in their way, they have gotten their revenge, then leave with out a trace.

That's what comes to mind is all. Love the music by the way.