Reviews for "Classic Rock Quiz!"

The one-line summary needs to become an option....

I got to 80% the first time.... then 100 the 3rd. more of a slide show but the concept of it was great.

KyleDaFox responds:

yeah, it does seem kinda like a slide show, but its not, are slide shows quizes? lol

Not Bad

this is a great Quiz for those who love classic rock! I did not do that great but maybe others of you will do great!!! Good Quiz! :)

KyleDaFox responds:

Thanks for the review and score! I'll make more harder, better ones:)

great concept, minor problems

I really like the idea of the quiz. Classic rock is fu*$*%(ing awesome! A few problems I had with the quiz itself. Juke Box Hero is an awesome song, you might consider having it simply play through the whole time rather than having it start over everytime you go to the menu or get a question wrong. It's kind of annoying having to hear it start over all the time. Other than that, all I can say is I prefer quizes that let you go to the end and then tell you how many you got right or wrong, but I've seen plenty where it's game over if you get a question wrong. Anyhow, great quiz concept either way.

KyleDaFox responds:

the only thing is that when i dont use stopAllSounds(); the song overlaps and sounds really n00bish. so, ty for review


Very good work with the quiz here, i see that you have put alot of thought into some of these questions and i give you props for the research that probably went into this. I thought that the "how many number ones has led had?" question was pretty tough and was shocked that i got it right. Good choice of music in the background too. I may continue the series to see what you do, im guessing your going to do a decade-by-decade quiz, this of course was alittle hard as i dont know much from that era but did well.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

KyleDaFox responds:

OK, I just mix up all the times. Yes, Zeppelin did have that many #1s. (shh) I'm glad you liked it.

pretty good

i beat it kinda easy but i liked the song