Reviews for "Mecha collab"

I love this idea of a robotic future 5 stars.

Vivid, Beautiful and Creative. Five stars all the way!

pretty cool. and very awesome. I give it a ZERO!! HAHAHA nah just kidding. 5!!

I now understand why this spectacular piece of art was on the front page. Oh, the picture is so vibrant, lights ricocheting off decrepit walls and the machine glimmers. Its lower half dark and musty, marine plants - kelp, moss...all growing out of long years of slumber - correct?

The platform the man is standing on is the same shades as the automaton and the monkeys watch in fascination, a rocky plain of sorts shadowing them. This artwork is imaginative, beautiful, and splendid. Though, I wonder why monkeys will be out in a rocky mountain side and a tree to be growing in a deserted land.

The water flourishes and provides them with nutrients and such, but the rocks hold nothing but unusable minerals? Perhaps I am wrong. The picture displayed ruins by some force, details littering around your painting in which I would never have time to seek all...

Thank you so much for you contribution and those working with you in this collaboration. This is one painting I'll hang from a fixture on my walls.

wow ! so inspiring . Great job.