Reviews for "Mecha collab"

kinda reminds me of Evangilion

This picture is absolutely fantastic! I'm thinking that with the monkeys, this may be set in the style as Planet Of The Apes. Well, apes aren't technically monkeys anyway. It's great to see a giant rotting robot. You don't really think of them as doing that. Then again, I don't know my robots well.

The colors are absolutely flawless. The literal water colors are the best! It's just great to see such beautiful scenery around such a large machine. It looks like it's the ruins of something. I can see cords or something sticking out on the far right part. A pity this wasn't done on Robot Day.

The type of pictures that makes you dive into the picture. Imagining adventures or thinking of stories that could be. Love it.

Need this as wallpaper

Wow... Many stories bob into my head seeing this nice scene... Fantastic piece you made there! =))