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Reviews for "Cupcakes of Narnia"

What's next?

I kept waiting for something new to happen but. Maybe I just gave up to soon.

I used that same cupcake in my animation

Hey man, i used that same cupcake for the last scene in my Law & Odor animation i submitted a couple of days ago. Google Images is the best (double true). but anyways way to jump on the bandwagon with this bland shooter.

Snack Attack MotherF***er!

Overall the game wasn't that bad,but it seemed too repetitive,and easy.

Not good

I didn't really like this game at all. It was way too easy, and it didn't really make sense. The graphics were poor, didn't really get the map. Sound was kind of annoying. The game went way too slow, and for god's sake there was levels? the first level was soo long. I didn't like this at all.


Honestly this game is worthless. There wasn't any Narnia invovlved in it (God I hate that movie). It was to simple and plain as well, just shooting doesn't really entertain