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Reviews for "Cupcakes of Narnia"


Good for a one-time laugh. Good joke on the Baker's Dozen. But this is one of those games that just get funny at the first time. Good work anyhow...


Gave you an 8
Cause the laughter was great!
The memories of Andy
made me hungry for candy

Also this game was pretty fun, thanks for the laughs and sorry for the poem.

asmoe game

this game is kool i cant wate to when i see my cuzsin i am going to get her to pa itand she is going to go carzy

fucking scrumptious

Fucking made me laugh!
I love this game like hardcore, even though it did repeat alot... I didn't care
Siq game...


I love cupcakes. Mixing cupcakes with narnia was a completly unexpected idea though, haha, turns out it was a good though. Simple gameplay, smooth controls and a unique concept. Keep up the good work!