Reviews for "{2006} Hitman"

has potential

this is a great game, but it was too short and too easy. it needs more levels, and more depth to it. spend more than 20 hours on it, add some more levels, make it a lil more challenging.

too easy

the boss is death with only one shot, he was already dead before he could shoot

OMG 20 hours

DUDE!!! dont ever tell me you didnt even worked a Week to make a flash. I'm making a flash witch I'm working for at least 3 weeks. and you tell me you worked 20 hours and say its a lot?

I really gave you more of you didnt told me that

Much better!

When I played you other flash about the worms I thought another avarg gun game!No way!!This one is much beeter than the frist game!Great job!!!Biz atch!!!

fun, but....

it was fun but it was way to easy... you need to make it longer but i voted a five anyway just because of the FUN part

der-Wahnsinn responds:

law is me