Reviews for "{2006} Hitman"

Really short...

This agme was really really short. Anoter thing I find weird about this is when you kill somebody, the people around them don't react...

eh... too short.

my review is just like your game. too short.

I'm not surprised...

20 hours work on this game is just about right.

It sucked... It sucked... Oh, and oh yeah - It sucked.

A bit of advice - make the targets move, make innocents so you can make a mistake rather than just shooting right every time, spend more time on the graphics, better sound effects and what the f*ck was up with the boss dying in one shot?

And btw, if you are going to reply to this calling me an asshole, go ahead, it's just so funny how you think all the critics that reviewed this are actually wrong. They are all spot on.




Normally, I don't give bad reviews, but this game was exactly what i summerized it as. POOP!
Everything was blocky, and there was a useless elevator level where apparently all you had to do was wait 30 seconds for it to arrive and then get rewarded??? Plus, the boss had 1 Hitpoint... POOP I SAY!

Solid, but not fun

The graphics were very poor, the sound was repetitive and limited.

The gameplay was pretty solid, but it wasn’t very fun.

This genre has been established long ago, and you’ve fallen well under the bar.