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Reviews for "Duadako"


heres some suggestions if you make a sequal (wich you should):

1:add a story mode
2:make more levels
3:make the option to be able to choose how much times both guys attack
4:make different fighters with different stats(like for example one will do more damage with low but suck with high)

Reanimator responds:

hey thx for your great feedback - in fact, I think about taking this as my fight-system for the rpg I'm planning! Hope you'll play it ^^ greetz

Really cool

I really like the style of this game. The graphics aren't perfect, but who cares? It doesn't really take anything away, b/c the game is entertaining. The only suggestion I really have, is that there should be a "campaign" type mode, where you go up against different people through multiple rounds. I think that this small game could be something really cool if done correctly.

mmmm tasty

quite fun my man.

Not sean anything like it

Not sean anything like it. And i abasulty loved the music, is it subliminal mesages or soming? Please continue to make games that are orignial and new


i always hated rock paper and scisor but duadako is very adictive great game