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Reviews for "Duadako"

alright but....

The idea in itself is good, but this is not a worthy interpretation of the idea. If you try again, use better graphics, and perhaps a bigger variety of attacks for each style.

Not good

The fiteing was horibal IT WAS NOT FUN try harder nexttime it just the rock paper sicers style fiteing wasnt a good idea at all thats all i have to say never do the rock paper sicers fiteing style like that it just not a good idea

i like the dying huaaaa!^^

Kinda nice work i really like it even though its very simple but who cares if i like it! But one complain: the fighters youst fall forwards when they die, never backwards thats boring because never an opponent falls down a cliff or something...but completely solid improvalbe game



Reanimator responds:

I see, a man of words... how the fuck did you manage to turn on your pc? AND you created a newgrounds account, look at you. Keep up the good work.

Pretty shit, to be honest.

This was short and shit. The concept was cool, the artwork was slick, but,
a) Was so fucking easy.
b) Was so fucking short.
Extend the game, mayb a few cutscens and a stroy line and give it some substance, i.e levels and upgradees and the sort.

Reanimator responds:

your stupid because
a)your review sux
b)its just a little game, easy? dork, its random, there is no easy, its like, "oh that slot machine was so fucking easy." dumbass.