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Reviews for "Duadako"

Gooood good

I like the music! and rock paper scissors is my favorite rainy day game!!!!

Nice one!

I generally don't like rock-paper-scissors (where's the skill?) but this made it amusing and enjoyable.
I don't know if you've ever played the older "Legend of Legaia" playstation game, but this reminded me a lot of the fighting style in that. A great game would be to include the options of armor (succesful hits do less damage on armored areas), weapons (higher damage when succesful), and possibly items (??? no clue what items would do for ya). Maybe adding in the possiblity of left and right. That would make it trippy and tricky.
Thumbs up.


Reanimator responds:

thanks for the big review! good ideas too! greetz

smeh, a ten

I loved the damn game. I would love to see more like it with maybe more options and such. Overall a ten and a five all the way.

Reanimator responds:

thx!! you guys really give me motivation to go on! greetz

Good work, but not an original idea.

This is a game I've seen and played on a Instant Messenger skin from Yahoo!. It features the same thing with better graphics and animations and of course it's done with Flash. Because this is one of the first I've seen on Newgrounds I'll give you credit. This is a game I'd play in an instant messenger though, since it would be one on one and the person you're playing with would be the person you're talking to online.

Another thing, the music is well done. Though of course it would be repetitive, it would be nice to be able to choose the song you want from 3 or 4 choices.

A nice idea instead of using Low, Medium and High would be to make it elemental. For example, if you use Fire, Water and Wind. You can make magical attack animations per character. Like a fireball, tsunami or tornado attacks.

Another thing, the 2 player mode is useless. Since this game is being played on the same computer, the person who's playing would be able to see what the first person picks. If it should be done in a more subtle way, then you can assign keyboard keys to choose. Like z,x,c for Player 1 and p,[,] for Player 2.

Reanimator responds:

hey thx for the big review - funny thang, didn't know it already existed in some way. Elements are exactly what Im going for, love the idea. greetz


Good game, I just dont have much to say.

It's alot like rock paper sissors, but based completely on luck (Yes, rock paper sissors has strategy in it, beleive it or not lol)

I liked the music, and the animations were fairly good, there just wasn't alot to the game.

Good job though