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Reviews for "[2006] NES Dreams"

It was nostalgic for me as well.

That was pretty good. The poem was a nice touch. We don't get very many poets around here.


I like that you used the oldschool Nemo game stuff (Hardest game on the Earth) It was nostalgic, but I dunno. Nothing that really got my attention and held it too well. I didn't understand it. The poem kinda lost itself real quick too. Otherwise a piece of oldschool, sprite filled video on a mediocre level! Keep it up though! You could verywell make the next "Ultimate Showdown" (Best flash EVER) A lofty goal, but one that should be strived for.

it was ok

it was pretty good, great idea for a vid, like i mean i love the concept, but i didnt really think in general it was that great

Very nice.

I liked this a lot. I relate to it. I really liked the line "These were the fairytales of our generation" (something like that)

That almost made me cry .. and im a guy

usually befor i review a flash i read the other reviews that poeple have put out regarding flashes and so forth.. for all those little punks who think this sucks or for some who just dont get it . i have just one thing to say.. gaming started out with something much more then graffics making the games what they are. back in the day they had plots and storeis interwoven in with little 8 bti and 16 bit charecters.. back then a game was either good or bad depending on how it trapped the audiance within its story. perfect examples are crono trigger ff3 and ect.. back then the next good game to play was acualy a good game to play. not like some of the crpa they bring out today.. so far all who have listend to my little rant here think about what made you happy during your childhood and you might get a glimpse of what we who apreachate this flash feel when we watch it.. this is going straight to my number one.. cudos on a good job