Reviews for "Toads Rage 9"

This is the bomb!

Man you just keep getting better flash after flash. Nice work my man...


I'm pretty much speechless about this one. Oh fine...that is the best I've seen yet. I'm cheering Toad all the way! (Unless Toad is that crazy to kill every clone, Myamoto and Link, or is he going to get a little help from somebody?) Well keep up the best that you do.

mchawking responds:

Thanks for the review and compliment! I've been trying hard to up the quality. All I can say for ep 10 is that it will kick ass, LOTS OF ASS!

~Nate Johnson
natenation dot com!

Oooohhh.....(dj scratch that disk!)

This seriese rocks man. Theres no other word that can describe this awsome set of flash movies as good as that one. I cant wait to see TR10...this is gonna ROCK! Keep up the great work...oh and um...is it to much to ask for ONE (mabey just one) picture of Toad with a Super Saiyan aura around him? Just for kicks thats all...cause that would totaly kick ass ya know...but its up to you...this is jsut a small request fro ma fan lol.


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