Reviews for "Toads Rage 9"


very well done but how did link get into the mushroom kindom

I like it, but..

its not new! In all the Toads Rage movies, its the same! Its not funny any more. Its just the animations I liked, not the story. Try to make something new in episode 10 or 11.



It's take very too much time. i know it's hard but not like that and are you going to make more than 10 episode cause the number 9 was supposed to be the last but link and another guy with toads clone go in and join the toads rage i hope it will finish or if not take Waluigi, DK, Bowser's Kids and Daisy in your next one if youre going to do a 11th

your amazing

into the favorites it goes. if u dont make 10 im going to kill you. its been mucho long and NO NUMBER 10. MAKE IT. or ILL GO TOADS RAGE ON YOUR ASS. Thanks for the show. it was amazing.


Graphics: Huge imporvement from the first one.
Style: A banned Toad kicking ass and getting away with it? Dude!
Sound: They have voices! yay!
Violence: And I thought i was kinda rude...
Interactivity: Just a Play button, nothing special
Humor: I find it kinda serious dude but still funny

5/5 Dude!!!