Reviews for "Toads Rage 9"

freacking awesome

jo man i already waiit about 1 year and there is still no toad rage 10:@ please please make another 1 pal

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooh shi

yor gunna put link in it now that would be the ultimate battle :D

kik ass

hey gatx3033 toad is real he is only invisible or somethi like dat

Good Job!

Well, Good Job man! cant wait till ep.10! i just WANT TO SEE TOAD AND LINK FIGHT! it would be funny! but im sure that toad is gonna win, cuz the heros always win at the end. or are u gonna make a suprise that toad dies! and one of those toad episodes where on those pictures i saw Toad w/ some girl, lol that was funny! And your episodes were so long they actually made it in a collection, lol this was and is the longest series of all series ever on newgrounds! i puted 5humor cuz that i saw Link and the creator of Mario and Link! now i think of Toad in "Toad's Rage" as a sin that punishes everybody that makes fun of him. At first, i thought this was just a joke but then, i started getting a little scared of him lol. Im also thinking right now that......If he saw me, he would kill me. but thank goodness that hes not real, lol


Very amusing. I do like this series much. Random violence. bwah! XP

However, there is just one HUGE issue that really does bother me about this.

The lines are way too thick. argh.