Reviews for "Toads Rage 9"

Great...One problem though...

Who'da thunk it that Toad, of all people, would kick THE most ass in the MK? ANd isn't Toad's voice all high pitched and girly? What's up with the macho voice??


it was a bit better than the others but needs mor humor

I like it but...

It's been months since I've seen that episode. When are you gonna make the 10th episode?

my god....

what a great job! i just watched the whole serie and thats fabulus. the thing that made me enjoying this one more than the others is the fight. there is, at least, one movie that has real fighting. and with the graphics, it makes it better. keep up the great work! i'm waiting for the next one.

I like it!

You have out done yourself! here's an idea after the link episode:

Mario comes back (again) and teams up with Sonic the Hedgehog to defeat Toad.

Doin' great!