Reviews for "Toads Rage 9"

Still waiting....

I;g really like to see the next or end of the series. The suspense is killing me. Besides the wait, my only problem is some the graphics. They are cutting edge, but it works for your style. The voice sync is great, but i'd would of like to seen more combat. Either way, gratz on your 9th entry. I been waiting a good 2 years, I think, for the next one, hope it comes out soon XD.

This series rocks

I think it would be cool when after the Link and Myamoto battle you should do one with Geno and Mallo against Toad where after Toad finishes up with Link Myamoto gets scared and heads for Squaresoft who lends them the 2 characters.




yay! I love this series. What's happened to part 10? I can't wait for it

Wow, too good

I'm definatly looking forward to the toad VS. Link&Myamoto episode....HOW LONG MUST WE WAIT?!?