Reviews for "Toads Rage 9"

wrong game link

how the hell did link get here???????

Great series!

This series really inspired me to get serious with Flash. I know you're not making the 10th, but hey. It's your series and I don't blame you. Seriously, people are constantly asking for another episode and calling you lazy, when they're the ones watching Flash movies, and not making them.
You've probably lost interest and started doing something you really enjoy.

Anyways, this series brings back lots of memories and it's a great peace of art.

where is 10

hey when is 10 going to come out i have been waiting for about 2 to 3 years already

....I used to like Toad.....

but now.....No...just no dude,Sorry but you Kill Mario and Luigi you cross the line!! Sorry,even though I loved the way you designed Toad and Mario and the fights,I can only give you a Six out of Ten,for Killing Mario ;-; Why must eveyeryone pick on him and Luigi!!!???

awesome ending

I loved the end and like when he's dribblig the head.(oh, and great fighting scenes)