Reviews for "Goomba Vol. 3"


Nice flash, I liked it.


Fantastic flash, i had to see it three times :D

Cool of you making an non-blood serie, it just maked it cooler.

Yay! Master sword... but nobody with an evil soul can wield it thought.

BTW: I know one thing i'm better than Goomba to do, GAMING!!!
I mean he is supoused 2 be best in everything :S

pretty damn good

Great flash - very entertaining. My only complaints would be that the art is a little inconsistent and the sound (footsteps) was a bit off sometimes. Regardless, this was a very good movie and was actually funny and well-written without gratuitous gore (which is blatently misused in a lot of NG movies) so I gave you a 10. Keep up the great work!


This was tremendous. a lot of effort went into this, and it shows. Tell me, goomba-dude: was this based on a true story? It could be, considering the whole multiple life thing. Just wondering.


this was good you've improved more from the last two movies.