Reviews for "Goomba Vol. 3"


^_^ Yay...


I mean, Wow. That was enormous dude.

A great an original idea, mixed with excellent graphics, well chosen sound and violence.

All this mixed together with patience and determination of making something great always end up good. =)


Suspense,Humor,and crazy all rolled into one

title says it all

P/S Preloder ewas kool

That was one great damn flash

You did an excellent job with that flash. The animation was perfect and the music was hilarious. I liked the fact that you used sounds from other Mario videogames. I half expected the flash to just stop at the good part and see a big "TO BE CONTINUED" like some other people and NEVER finish the flashes (yall know who you are). But I was wrong, you actually finished the whole thing and it was great. Good job.

Great Movie

This has to be the best Mario Parodies out there! The way you actually re-created a world from another side of the world. Well made effects, graphics were well done especially without any attempt to add 3d models to your movie.

Great movie,
Cant wait for your next piece of work.