Reviews for "Goomba Vol. 3"

Nice job

Man, I bet Mario can't beat that Goomba. Nice job on the graphics, I was impressed. You can't really get much Mario sounds expept for Toad. Still, this is something worth whaching.


dude, how did you make the minigun? Did you make that in swift 3d? i need a minigun for a flash i am making but don't know how to go about doing it.


Didn't quite understand the story, but cool.

Super Class

Hey man, good stuff! The music was the best part, and your sense of humor is top notch. Hilarious touch when the sound was consequently in slow motion when Goomba threw the voice box at that toad guard! I liked the little easter eggs (Flower in the tunnel in the opening frames, the light in Goomba's castle, and the best one was of course the angry sun, I busted a gut on that one!). Good job! Stay classy!

Great Movie

This has to be the best Mario Parodies out there! The way you actually re-created a world from another side of the world. Well made effects, graphics were well done especially without any attempt to add 3d models to your movie.

Great movie,
Cant wait for your next piece of work.