Reviews for "Goomba Vol. 3"


The graphics were really great, but the story.. it was so..... bad.

got lame after awhile

This flash had some very nice style, and I loved all the moves that that goomba pulled off, but when the guy threw the grenade, how could he not have been hurt at all? His facial expressions got pretty lame by the end, and the kick ass SOAD was ruined at the end because it was way out of place. Just cause there's a party for the assassination of Peach, doesnt mean that you have to put B.Y.O.B. just for the line "Everybody's going to the party and gonna have a real good time". Anyways, nice flash, but this is wayyy too overated, I mean #1?!! c'mon!

It's me Mario! lmao

I doubt you were going for humor...

except for a couple bits. I loved the part where Peach blocked the bullets and then said that smartass "Peachy" comment. That was awsome. I also loved the gattling gun and the music. Dude you GOTTA tell me the name of that remix! That was the greatest Mario remix I ever heard.

Also, the art was friggin....unbelievable. I'm sure you traced SOME stuff..but godamn that was still some good art. The style and violence were good as well. Action packed ass kicking Goomba!

Great Job.

Nice job dude i enjoyed watching it, made me lose track fo time... and also dont mind that guy ImpaTheSheikah he needs to piss in a hole then jump in.

it was gay LOL

i'd love to say it was good. but i can't LOL. I could make a better flash movie with my ass LOL.