Reviews for "Goomba Vol. 3"

much better

this one puts your other 2 to shame in a good way, this one has excelent graphics animation (and a little humer). i was hoping for a (princess in another castle thing though)

yha what ever

i watch all 3 of the videos and i relly dont think they are better. in all i must say that this was good but relly dum at the same time. i think that the goomba sould die in the last one for one no way a goomba could handle a gun like that with only his feet. like i said animation is good but story stinks


why would bowser want peach dead he wants to marrie her

You sicken me

Why did Peach have to die?!? Bowser wants to kidnap her! Not kill her! Besides, a goomba couldn't do all that! Peach is my fave character, so this kinda offends me.

STILL good

dude! wake up! do some more stuff Lol