Reviews for "Goomba Vol. 3"

Love it!

This is the greatest thing ever! I've never seen someone do a role reversal with a goomba. I now see goombas in a new light.! :D

this video rocks

The creator of Mario games should create a Super Goombas video game for the Nintendo DS. That would be cool also make Bowser his own video game make him like the hero. Were has Wario been I have not seen any new Wario video games.

go goombas

cool i love how goomba wins at end after many tricks and i can beat a goomba at one thing losing to a goomba


that wasa awesome...and i found an easter egg

All you people who say this sucks or offensive...

You are the most idiotic people on this planet. Also, I do not wnat to fight that goomba.