Reviews for "Goomba Vol. 3"

Those goombas!

I love this because it is one of the few flashes on Newgrounds that really wants to give goombas their power! We just see them just jumped on all the time by Mario it is great to see one fighting back! I think the funniest thing about this is just seeing the goomba with the minigun. While I have not seen the other installments, I bet this would be the best in the series. It helps that it keeps the original remixes and never lets up for nine and a half minutes. It is also a great change to see the Mario characters as not just sprites.


Peach Died got shot and was still smileing XD

You Finally Got It!!

Dude, seriously, you're on your way the be an excellent animator!!

Music: Well Choosed
Animation: Can't get any better!! (It's hard work doing it without Sprites)
Action/Violence: Excellent
Storyboard: He finally kill the princess... or did he.. (Gwahahaha...)
Creativity: You can invent anything..

You have my congratulations!! You must do another series..

Just an idea here... Goomba Kingdom... A bunch of Goombas trying to steal the throne off Bowser.. but anyway I'm no boss.. Thanks for the entertainement,


and for dinner PRINCESS PEACH PIE! XD


That's the first Goomba-Perspective video I've ever seen, and I have to admit it surpassed my expectations, keep up the good work.

Also, the song in the credits is B.Y.O.B. by System of a Down