Reviews for "Goomba Vol. 3"

the funniest part.

my favourite bit is when goomba goes to peaches castle, and disquises as mario. he used a mario voicer to speak like mario. really funny! vote helpfull if it helped goomba get in.

Nice series

Goombas r badass and this flash series is why


You need to make one more but in the beginning it continues from this one and Peach is really a robot. So then he goes to ANOTHER castle and gets into more completely epic fights and then FINALLY kills Peach.

goombas are better!

for anyone who asks, i think she died, because goomba had a revolver and those easily go threw bodies. if she didnt then how did she move? un like the statues that goomba shot in vol 2. this movie was fricken epic

Did she or did she not?

i Believe that didn't Peach die that easily in the movie really tree toad archers with only one arrow and who know how many toads in the dunes (or desert) trying to defend Peach i think that Peach had again went to different castle or some were else we mite never know only if the Creator make another. (the dude who comment two below me said "Peach Died got shot and was still smiling .")