Reviews for "Goomba Vol. 3"

this is tha best ive seen on newgrounds yet

this is great im goona show this to all my friends you proved their are good flash movies on here.And if i could find a way to put it on my psp i would show it to all my friends an tell them were to get it

Wow. Goomba Power!

Who ever thought that a brown mushroom with no legs could handle such guns?! He was a regular James Bond! That one won't be an easy fella to squish. This flash kinda gave it a redneck personality in the beginning though. I know the Toads can fight WAY better than that, but you've made your point across...good job.


This was amazing! Me and my girlfriend were watching this. She kept insisting that the Goomba was so cute and evil that it was funny. I Liked it, gives character to the enemies you hear nothing from.

This is so friggin cool!

I loved this movie. It's full of action, great music, and funny too! It's worth viewing more than once!

I loved your other two movies, too!



This movie is my favorite flash movie of all time. Great job!