Reviews for "Goomba Vol. 3"

Hooray! The Mushroom Kingdom has fallen!

I liked the idea of casting a Goomba as a badass. Also it was awfully nice for Bowser to give him all those weapons at the desert.


Great, action-packed scenes with great camera angles and such. Very well done.


This one was awesome! The action was much more fast-paced, and yay, he finally succeeded! I hope he finds a way to make another one even though he killed peach, maybe it could be about him fighting bowser, cuz that would rock. Dude, if you still read these reviews, make another!PLZ!


that was one strong frying pan XD lol i see where it was going, he was playing super GOOMBA bros and he lost so he decided to LIVE the game in a matrix sort of way thus in super goomba bros instead of bowser thered be peach, really good animathion wit the close up shots and hand grasping (i wonder if its hard to shoot a gun with ur foot? XD) 10/10 woot