Reviews for "Hardstyle Rising"


Collab sum time?


the loop was too loud and it sounds like the club music from blade in the beging

Such a good track

Arguably the Best melody i've heard (Rivals Bumpin' Hard by Ivan Carsten in my eyes/ears =P). I'm not really a fan of how it kinda moves into 2:47 I'm not sure how to explain it though.

This deserves more than Score Rank: #14,412 for sure lol.


I love the bass, and the melodies. One thing though, the beginning bit becomes too repetative around after 30 seconds, it feels like something should be added to make sure it isn't boring after about 30 seconds, but after that i felt great with the change :D Nice! 5/5 9/10 :)

. . .

Well as we all know the mix is different with every genre. With hardstyle I feel like the mix should be semi centered around the quarter notes to help put emphasis on it. For any type of jumpstyle or shuffle dancing everything is centered around that. Because of this I think your ripping intro lead is a bit too loud in the mix. Also there's some real muddiness with the second part due to the kick which SessileNomad already noted. You like your songs to be loopable huh? Also you might consider adding a light intro section to accentuate the intensity of that first part...because it is totally awesome, but it has no contrasting lightness first. Notice when it drops back in at 3:42 it sounds much more epic. Your kick shouldnt have any clipping in the first place though. some EQing and counter EQing should set you up nicely. Compressors ARE addictive though. For a while I was using compressors on EVERY instrument in addition to the master mix. Anyways good luck and as always,


- LD -