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Reviews for "Green Machine-Sixty Cycle"


greatusic i couldnt quite understand lyrics but otherwise fantastic job


it's not too different i have to say, though i do respect the music, but the reason i put zero for effort is because anyone could think of the lyrics, "i am a green machine" seriously, though it is a good song to play at a club and a song to use in a movie so no wonder it's used in 4 flashes.


P.S. I'll give it a four.

525volts responds:

uhhhhh....still kickin your songs ass..and it was posted 4 years ago...mwahahah, and it says "the green machine" not "i am green machine"

Great song

I really liked it, I hope you've got more in the works...

Fuck yea!

If you don't have a record deal yet.. you deserve one! Because this sounds like it would do well on the market! Good job!


as said by everyone else that was fucking awsome