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Reviews for "Green Machine-Sixty Cycle"

You have achieved...

Total awesomeness. Classic grunge metal.

Very nice!

Great music, and I liked the lyrics

((VOTED 5))

Awsome song dude. I love this heavy metal stuff. I wouldnt exactly call it grundge though. ANd the fuitar solo was really pimpin. The vocals were okay I guess but you couldnt really tell because it was all blurry.

Very Well Done

The intro to this song kinda reminds me of the intro to Meltdown by Ash. Anyways good work.

Thanks for your vote, McFox! You voted 5 for Green Machine-Sixty Cycle, raising its score from 4.27 to 4.28.

Kewl =)

Hmph... the singing wasn't that good but the guitar was absolutly awsome!!! I liked it! Good job!