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Reviews for "StarCrafter - 003"


I love 001 and 002 a LOT, but this just plain sucked for graphics... why the hell would you make the quality go down... this takes me no longer than a min to load up, and even if it took longer I wouldent mind waiting... good job making the graphics and thus the movie complete shit... just remake this like 002 graphics PLZ.

"Which one was the trigger again?"

I feel sorry for the soilders fallen comrades.
That was wickked
Keep up with the good work!

hmmm can't get the end of it

yes!i'm back from SC001 and SC002 and i'm threatinning to kill everybody!!!!muhahahahahaahahahaha!!!!now to move on. the graphics were crap and it was bearly funny.

Not as good as the first two...

Yeah, the first two were a <i>little</i> better. But this one was alright. When will the next one be on your website??

it was pritty good

it wasn't as funny as the second one and the graphics where alittle blurry but other than that it was vary good im a huge fan of starcraft iv been playing it for 8 years. and i would have to say its good but could be better.