Reviews for "ROFLCHOP (1up)"


monkeys are freaky when there in yoshi island game form
really freaky
and why is there a halloween store in the jungle or sumthin?
how do the monkeys even know about halloween?
why am i asking these questions?
monkeys are cute when there in yoshi island game form
really cute.........


For you guys who are wondering who Wonchop is he is a artist on Newgrounds


what the hell is a wonchop anyways????

very very good

LOLOLOLLol lyrics:
(Red): Hey man!
(Brown): Wazzup?
(Red): *points at random Baby Mario crying*
(Red): Oh hey, what are you gonna be for Halloween?
(Brown): Hmmm... not sure...
(Red): I think I know what I wanna be...
(Red): Uh...
(Red): Check in the halloween store and find yourself a costume.
(Brown): Alright!
(Brown): "Lata!"
[2 years lata!!!]
(Brown): Ta-da!
(Red): Uhm... what are you supposed to be?
(Brown): Wonchop!
(Red): Who the hell is Wonchop?
(stops music)
(Brown): Uh...
(Red): And why are you dressed up? It's not even Halloween!
(Brown): Uh...
(Red): Well, I have to go pee now. Later!
(Brown): Uh...
**ZE ENT**


i understand the joke now