Reviews for "ROFLCHOP (1up)"

funny,but to short

dude this was HILAROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it was WAY to short.i like what you are trying to do,though.if you make a sequel i bet it will be WAY better.

Short but sweet

Pretty cool. Nice job with the sprites and the syncing, they were spot on. A bit short, but the fun would probably fade if it went on for ten minutes.

So it was pretty awesome all-round. Please do more stuff like this! :)

LOL! UHH.......

Same here,

''I got to go pee now. LATA!!!!!!..... UHH.....


I agree with the wookie, MAKE A SEREIS OF THIS!
Now LATA!!!!

I would keep reviewing BUT.....

I have to go pee now. LATA!!!