Reviews for "ROFLCHOP (1up)"

Seriously who the hell IS wonchow?

Hell i don't even know >_< very awasome flash! i love making fun of those monkeys!

i have to go pee now.....lata!

pretty good.

I laughed when the other Ukiki raced through the fields...For a reason.
For the rest,the movie wasn't bad.Not at all.

Funny (still kinda pointless)

Dont get me wrong i love the flash! =P

But your title pretty much sums the whole movie up hehe

Yoshi-1up responds:

very pointless

stupid, random, but funny

i ran out of things to say about this cuz i basically said what i thought in the one-liner


Yoshi-1up responds:



And also very random. But it was a little too short. I really liked the voice acting. It seemed to match ukki sounds very greatly. The lip syncing was very good. It was very funny and the idea was really original. The music wasn't anything special and it's easy to find. Overall 9.